Mission Statement and Aims of CRIKC

CRIKC would endeavor to foster and sustain close academic alliances between institutions of higher education and research in the Chandigarh region, to facilitate innovation and knowledge creation and for achieving excellence in all academic spheres without compromising in any manner the autonomy of the participating institutions.

CRIKC would aim for:

  1. To identify and carry out joint and collaborative research projects.
  2. Attempt to initiate joint teaching/training programs including pre-PhD courses.
  3. To encourage the pooling of research facilities of the participating institutions.
  4. Nurturing scientific culture from school level.
  5. To promote the spirit and philosophy of 'Meta-University' concept.
  6. To promote and sustain the following themes for excellence in research in Biomedical Sciences, Applications of Nano-science and Nano-Technology and Theoretical Studies.
  7. Policy planning for better comprehension of GOI programs and societal needs.